It was all wheels up, both for automobiles and for planes, as they traveled to the Cypress River Airport in Jefferson.

The 2019 Wings N’ Wheels took place Saturday at the airport, drawing classic cars and airplanes where drivers and pilots alike got together to exchange stories, have a bite to eat and admire each others’ modes of transportation.

For Hollis Shadden, who is with the Big Cypress Corvette club, the event offers a chance to help draw attention to an airport that sat vacant and unused for many years.

Though the Fly-In portion of the event has taken place since 2005, this is only the second year for the car show to join in the festivities.

For the car portion of the day’s event the Big Cypress Corvette club along with several other car groups meet in downtown Jefferson and then trek to the airport where they park together.

Many families came to the airport to see the rods along with the planes and a lone helicopter.

The airport, which acts as the airport for Marion County, was originally founded as an auxiliary for Barksdale in 1948. It was later abandoned and sat vacant from 1975 to 2002.

Improvements were done to the airport and it was reopened. In 2005, the first-ever fly in event was held to introduce people to the airport and let them know it was open again.