Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of Board of Directors of Haier Group Visiting Republic of Tatarstan and Expounding the World-Leading Ecology of Internet of Things

Zhang Ruimin, Chairman of Board of Directors of Haier Group Visiting Republic of Tatarstan and Expounding the World-Leading Ecology of Internet of Things


On August 28, Haier Industrial Park & Washing Machine Factory located in Czerny at the side of Kama River of Republic of Tatarstan went into operation. Guests including plenipotentiary representative Mr. Kamarov of Russian President in the Federal District of the Volga River, President Minnehanov of the Republic of Tatarstan, Deputy Minister Sergeyevic of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation as well as Economic and Business Envoy Li Jingyan of Chinese Embassy in Russia, etc. attended the opening ceremony with Zhang Ruimin as the Chairman of the Board and CEO of Haier Group, and all of the attending guests acknowledged Haier's driving role in Russian regional economic development and therefore welcomed more and more Chinese enterprises to invest in Russia. Before, Haier brand and products have been widely praised by Czerny’s citizens. It is regarded as “the most popular foreign enterprise in the local area.”

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Zhang Ruimin (one on the right) (Photo: Business Wire)

Haier Industrial Park is the only intelligent interconnection project in the bilateral cooperation at the 70 th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and China. It has a total planned investment of 0.314 billion U.S. dollars and can drive industrial investment of 1.0 billion U.S. dollars. "Thanks to the construction of Haier Refrigerator Factory, there are more than 700 workers working here. One of my most important tasks is to enable the citizens have their very good jobs," praised Mr. Maggiev as the mayor of Czerny at the side of Kama River of Republic of Tatarstan. As a platform with global influence, Haier has an advanced commercial mode and high intelligent manufacturing level, which are of far-reaching significance to promoting wisdom transformation of Russia’s industries and diversification of its regional economy.

In the opinion of Haier, global market tilling must be deeply localized and win the trust of local people. Within three years only, Haier has basically realized the “trinity” strategy i.e. localization of R&D, production and sales in Russia.

At the opening ceremony, Zhang Ruimin sighed that: "I seldom participate in the opening activities, but I must take part in this activity because the Chinese team and the team of the Republic of Tatarstan joined together at the beginning of this project and they have solved many difficulties." Zhang Ruimin is not only a successful entrepreneur, but also enjoys a high reputation in the field of international business management. His innovative "Rendanheyi" model has been highly recognized by the global management community and the business community. It was said by Zhang Ruimin that: "the single-person-in-one model integrates the value of every employee with the user value which is created, which had been fully reflected in the project of the Republic of Tatarstan."

Deep localization is the effect while Haier’s unique mode of Integrating Order with Personnel is the cause. The greatest challenge of deep localization is how to integrate cultures of different countries. Therefore, Haier has created the “salad” mode. Vegetables in a salad represent cultures of different countries. Salad dressing is Haier’s commercial mode or “Integrating Order with Personnel” mode. At present, the mode of “Integrating Order with Personnel” has been successfully duplicated in countries such as the U.S., New Zealand, Japan and Italy.

Russia is placing emphasis on the development of Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and big data processing. As to how to create the normal form about Internet of Things, Zhang Ruimin was invited to deliver a keynote speech titled as Creating a World-Level Mode of Internet of Things in Kazan University. From “why”, “how to do” to “ultimate target”, he expounded how an enterprise can take the lead in the era of Internet of Things through mode reform.

Innovation about commercial modes can stimulate the creativity vitality of an economy. Haier, which is taking the initiative in mode innovation and cultural integration, is expected to become a new template for localization of foreign-funded enterprises in Russia and cooperative development, co-creation and win-win of China and Russia.

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