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Your Time is Valuable

In Healthy Town Talk

By Brooke Labouve
Aug. 20, 2016 at 10:41 a.m.

I hear and say so often, that “life is too short”.  It really is.  I understand when people tell me that they are busy, that they have a family, and a job, and their kids are involved in sports...that is busy. 

So, you are busy, but you didn’t need validation from me when you told me that.  You wanted me to be ok with your excuse of why you can’t do something you're uncomfortable with, right?  

I was speaking with a friend last night, who is very successful at what she does.  I so admire her work ethic and I have watched for the last several years as she has hustled her way to the top.  Every single one of us have that capability.  You can be the hustler and money maker, you can be a great organizer, you can be a great wife or husband, you can be the person who exercises everyday or who preps meals every Sunday.  You can read through the bible, word-for-word.  You just have to decide that is what you want to do.  My friend works from home, a job that a lot of people have and one I know I have difficulty doing myself.  It’s not easy to set your alarm at 5am when you are your own boss, yet there are many days that she is in her home office at 5am, with a cup of coffee, returning emails and getting her work done.  I regret not asking what motivates her, but I can assume that it may be the independence and freedom that a life you’ve hustled to obtain provides.  

We all have the same 24 hours to do what we deem are worthy of our time, and just being introspective here, Real Housewives is not worthy of my time and neither is scrolling Facebook.  We have to separate our wants from our wishes.  I might want to have a drink with a friend, but I wish to have financial freedom, so I know I must work.  I might want to press snooze at 5am, but I wish to keep my mind and body healthy, so I know I must get up.  You must dig deep and find out what your dreams and goals are, then you have to do what it takes to achieve that. 

Remember when you were a kid and you had dreams and aspirations for how your life was going to turn out?  Why are you making excuses and letting yourself down?  Why can’t you still have that life?  The difference between successful people and unsuccessful people is what we choose to do with our time.   If I told you that not watching TV for one year would save your marriage, would you do it?  If I told you that exercising three times a week would save your life, would you do it?  If I told you that reading personal development for 20 minutes a day would help bring you out of depression, would you do it?  We make time for things we think are important.  If you really want to be financially successful, emotionally stable, or physically fit, you will find time in your day to make those things happen.  

Quit making excuses for why you can't fit things into your life.  Your time is valuable, make sure your time holds value.




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