Folks, we need ideas. Ideas for everything. We have gotten so far disconnected as a society - politically, racially, gender-ly (if that's a word) - that there are no shades of grey. We saw this locally with Marshall's school bond. People seemed staunchly for it or against it and if you asked a logical question of one side or the other...well, them's fightin' words.

I was recently at a local political debate.One candidate generally spoke about their ideas. The other constantly said "my opponent....". In fact, most of his platform was "my opponent".


We need ideas. Ideas will solve problems, not the condemnation of "my opponent". I don't want a politician that I like better than the other guy. I want a politician (regardless of party) that will make my life better as a citizen, not worse. I hearken back to the adage attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt: Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

And folks we have a litany of problems than no one wants to talk about..

With Parkland, FLA if you suggest something about guns or limiting guns, a maelstrom of "my rights" litters Facebook. And conversely "child killer". No discussion. No solutions.


Rather than take a pro or anti gun stance, what can we do to stop kids from getting shot in school? I don't care whose idea, as long as its effective, but what is the idea? And Parkland is just the one at hand. We have poverty, border security (and I am not just talking about a wall), veterans that fight so we don't have to that come back with mental issues (PTSD) or homelessness.

There is too much divisiveness and a massive lack willingness to compromise on any little thing that it is hindering our productivity as humans. Ideas folks, we need ideas.

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