If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

It's funny how the truth of that statement is rather subjective.

For example, if you’re like me and not very much into motor vehicles other than being concerned with whether they get me to where I’m going in reasonable safety and comfort, then I would say about cars, “Seen one, seen ‘em all.”

But come into my kitchen, and I’ll show you the merits of all the various kitchen knives and gadgets I’ve collected, each with its specific use that can be accomplished by none other. To me, kitchen stuff is definitely not, “Seen one, seen ‘em all.” Every tool is precious and unique and essential!

So maybe you view farms like I view cars—how could they possibly be that much different from one another? And that field trip you took to the apple orchard way back when you were in grade school is probably pretty representative of most farms producing today’s food… right?

But what if it’s not?

What if today’s typical farm looks more factory-like than anything else?

No sunshine, no grass, no fresh breeze, no birds singing or brook gurgling. It’s chains and steel and concrete and motors and diesel. What is a consumer to do?

What if just a little bit of knowledge would open up a whole new way of thinking about where your food comes from and how it’s produced, and what that means for recapturing your health?

Because a lot (and I really mean a LOT) of folks nowadays are not in good health, and they can’t quite pinpoint why. Maybe they don’t exercise enough. Maybe they eat too many chocolate-glazed donuts. But maybe there’s something even more fundamental than that. Maybe it’s not what foods you love… maybe it’s the way the foods you love are produced.

We invite you to come and learn, to come and SEE a new way of farming, which is really just an old way of farming with a few modernized tools, right here in East Texas. Learn how it helped us escape from autoimmune disease and a life of medication and medical intervention.

Sign up for a tour at Shady Grove Ranch here. http://shadygroveranch.net/tours

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