All Cypress Veterinary Hospital has served Marshall and the surrounding area for seven years, bringing expert care to the community. All Cypress Veterinary Hospital displays a strong commitment to serving the people of Marshall, both in and out of its facility. They are committed to community service, including providing services for the K9 Units of the Marshall Police Department and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office. They are sponsors of the Annual Fire Ant Festival, National Night Out and other annual events for the Marshall community. Dr. Michele Lee Tanner, Dr. Paige Coody, the associate veterinarians, and the skilled team at All Cypress are committed to providing quality services at a reasonable price to ensure your fur baby has the best possible care.

Dr. Tanner is a graduate of Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine. She is licensed in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Florida. She moved from her home town in south Louisiana to Marshall, TX to lead All Cypress Veterinary Hospital’s exceptional team. She is married to James Tanner and lives in Marshall with their dogs, Devereaux and Bailey, and horses, Abby, Ausdun and JoJo. In their spare time, they travel around the country showing horses in cutting horse competitions. Dr. Tanner previously won several World Championships in Team Penning and believes those accomplishments have taught her the dedication she exhibits daily at All Cypress Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Tanner’s goal is to provide quality medicine and educate the community about animal healthcare.

Dr. Coody is a graduate of the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine. A native to Texas, she obtained her undergraduate from Oklahoma State University. She joined All Cypress Veterinary Hospital during the summers and numerous externships while obtaining her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine and feels she is home. Dr. Coody is married to Travis Danford and lives in Marshall with their variety of companion animals and livestock: Hurley– dog, Flint– cat, Blitz– Hedgehog, and Olecranon– Fish. She strives to integrate the new clinical techniques of a university setting with the tried and true methods of medicine to provide the highest quality of services to our clients.

Pets are part of our families, and All Cypress can be trusted to provide them with the highest standard of care to ensure they live a long, healthy life. All Cypress staff will provide education on proper nutrition and weight management, correct vaccinations, spaying or neutering, dental care, nail clipping, and bathing which can all impact the pet’s health and extend an animal’s life. They will provide treatment options that are the best for you and your pet. All Cypress treats all sorts of different animals such as canine, feline, farm animals, equine, and exotics.

All Cypress Veterinary Hospital has been designed to provide comprehensive veterinary care for all types of pets, including exotics and farm animals. Dr. Tanner said, “We have a complete in-house lab, so we can run blood work, perform urine and fecal analysis, radiology and ultrasounds, and cell cytology. Anything from our radiology department will be reviewed by board certified radiologists to ensure we are delivering the best medicine possible.” All Cypress is also capable of providing progressive surgeries because of the university level surgery equipment, which allows for less anesthesia time and faster recovery. All Cypress Veterinary Hospital has a network of experts on subjects such as orthopedic surgery, cancer treatment, dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, and theriogenology –anything having to do with the reproductive system. “We try to offer the highest quality medicine to all of our clients, so we bring in the best person for the job,” Dr. Tanner said.

All Cypress Veterinary Hospital also has a website that allows you to research the clinic, their services, shop online and even includes an interactive pet health section. You can choose your pet’s species and see examples of things like the circulatory system, musculoskeletal, nervous system, and more. The website is just one way All Cypress strives to share and educate their clients on keeping their pets happy and healthy. The website is You can also follow them on Facebook.