The Capital One drive-up location at 100 N. Columbus Street in Marshall recently closed on May 9, but the lobby location and ATM on 100 N. Bolivar Street remain open, officials said.

“Capital One closed this drive-up location on May 9,” said Amanda Landers, a spokesperson with the corporate office. “It was not a full-service branch.”

Landers noted that customers were given a heads-up in advance, with the business posting signs as early as March that announced the closing. Associates who worked there and at nearby branches also shared the news with customers, she said.

Landers explained that the drive-up location closed due to the evolution of the banking business.

“Customer banking preferences and how they manage their money and interact with banks is changing,” said Landers. “Like other national and regional banks, we continue to evolve and optimize our network in response to changing banking preferences, balancing digital and in-person options to align with customer behavior.

“We regularly review our entire branch network and decisions are made to open, renovate, and in some instances, close or relocate branches and drive-up locations,” she added. “These decisions are not made lightly and we recognize the impact this closing has on our customers and associates.”

“As part of this consolidation, we were able to ensure all of our associates could maintain their positions and move to other branches,” Landers said.

She noted that any decision to close a branch is communicated directly to customers first and at least 90 days beforehand. At this time, the lobby location remains open for business with no news of closing.