Ben Daily, owner of Daily Photography, has been working as a photographer in East Texas for 20 years.

Daily is originally from Louisiana, moving to the area to be with his wife, a teacher in the Kilgore School District. In fact, it was in the school district that he first started to gain a reputation as a photographer, doing school portraits and athletic photos as his business grew.

“I’ll say, even as an outsider the community in this area has really accepted me and been very supportive,” Daily said. “I wouldn’t have been able to do what I do without their support.”

From there, Daily said he branched out to start covering weddings, as well as real estate photography, two of his current specialties.

Daily is able to utilize a drone among other photography tools in his real estate photographs, to capture unique images, some of which have never been captured before.

Additionally, in regards to weddings, Daily offers unique customized wedding albums along with his photography services. These albums are all printed with the highest quality photos, which offer a timeless memory for anyone’s special day.

“Anyone who has seen my customized wedding albums knows that they are something special, a lot of work goes into making those something memorable,” he said.

Daily’s love for photography was sparked before he was even born, by his uncle William McCasland, a man he never got to meet.

He said his uncle was a graduate of Louisiana Tech, where he obtained a degree in civil engineering.

Through his work as a civil engineer, McCasland utilized a wide range of cameras and other photography tools to capture images of bridges, trains and much more.

Though Daily’s uncle died in an Air Force airplane crash before he was born, it was this collection of cameras and photos done by his uncle that sparked the passion for Daily.

“He was an avid photographer and this is where I believe I grew my love of photography came from,” Daily said. “I never got to meet him, nonetheless, I believe I have his ‘eye’ for photography.”

A collection of work done by Daily can be found on his website at, as well as information on how to book him for your next event or other photography needs.

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