Earls Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry has been owned and operated by our family for over 35 years. We have been serving our community and our customers the highest quality customer service for three generations and are proud to say we know most of our customers by name! The tradition of focusing first on the customer is still alive today.

Thank you to all of you working the front lines. You are appreciated, you are valued and we are grateful. Dry cleaning and laundry are vital for our community. Our business is open for full operation for all of our customers.

What sets us apart from other drycleaners is our expertise, care, speed, and environmental awareness. We have been perfecting our business for 38 years. Our dry cleaning and laundry services are second to none. We provide you with the utmost care and SAME DAY SERVICE! It is also equally important to us to protect our environment, and we make sure we abide to this philosophy in our daily practices.

Special care is given to all your dry clean and laundry. Our dedicated staff is highly trained and experienced to provide professional spot removal, professional wet cleaning and dry cleaning. Every garment goes through a comprehensive inspection and is checked for soil, stains, and special instructions both before and after the cleaning process. We hand finish all your garments to keep them looking like new and replace broken or missing buttons at no extra charge. Our laundry service keeps your shirts clean, crisp and bright and your jeans perfectly starched and pressed. We are also known for our “cowboy starch” jeans...they literally stand up by themselves! We keep your dry clean items looking their finest. We handle your garments with extra care and attention to details.

Going the extra mile for safe and environmentally conscious fabric care, our professionals conscientiously apply cleaning products. We recycle packaging products where possible to conserve our natural resources. Protecting our environment is very important to us.