JEFFERSON — Enoch’s will soon provide Jefferson residents and visitors with every beverage they need from sun up to sun down with the grand opening of its new downtown location which includes a coffee shop and wine cellar.

Sprouting from the company’s flagship store, Enoch’s Vineyard and Winery in Harleton, the newest location in downtown Jefferson, is set to host its grand opening for the new Enoch’s Wine Cellar and Coffee House at 116 North Polk Street in Jefferson next week.

“This is kind of a separate deal from the vineyard and winery and we hope to make it a franchise with more locations later on down the road,” K’ Kral, a four way partner in the new Enoch’s Wine Cellar and Coffee House, said on Friday.

K’ is undertaking the venture with Jon Kral, who also serves as one of the owners of the Harleton vineyard with his partner, Altus Koegelenberg, Jon’s son, Jonah Kral, and Kral family member Colin Gipner.

“The vineyard in Harleton opened about 15 years ago; we just wanted to expand and try something new and different,” Jonah said Thursday.

K’ Kral said the family chose Jefferson as the spot for their expansion due to the town’s high tourist draw and strong retail support from locals.

“Jefferson is close to Enoch’s in Harleton and this is a great town to cater to tourists,” K’ said. “We opened the coffee shop in April and we have the grand opening for the wine cellar next door on July 17.”

K’ said there was a specific reason the four partners chose coffee as their new product.

“Coffee and wine make a good pairing I think,” K’ said. “We thought it was a novel, great idea — you can get them coffee in the morning and wine in the evening.”

While their own coffee brand and roastery might be in the cards further in the future, as well as other franchise locations, Enoch’s Coffee House currently features Houston based Katz brand coffee.

The Katz coffee comes fresh in a cup, bottled to take on the go or in a take home package to enjoy at leisure.

“We serve lattes, iced coffee, cappuccinos, espressos and teas,” K’ said. “In our wine cellar next door, we will feature Enoch’s wine, which we have over 30 different types that we carry with more coming. Later on, we will probably start featuring other brands of wine as well.”

The grand opening for Enoch’s Wine Cellar and Coffee House is set for 5:45 p.m. Wednesday. Reservations for the wine experience at 5:45 p.m. can be made online at

For more information about the event, visit the Facebook page at