My Happy Place

My Happy Place, offering a variety of massages, is located at 4206 Victory Drive in Marshall.

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, anxiety, fatigue, high blood pressure or just the daily struggles of everyday life, My Happy Place in Marshall offers the solution.

According to owner Jamie Daniel, there is almost nothing that a massage can’t help with, whether you’re an athlete in conditioning or just need some me time, a massage is the perfect solution.

“There are so many things that it’s good for,” she said.

Ms. Daniel has been working in the field of massage therapy since 2008, and decided to open her own shop in 2017.

“I really wanted a business of my own, with flexible hours that I could control,” Ms. Daniel said.

She said that since opening her own store, located at 4206 Victory Drive in Marshall, she has collected a list of loyal customers that come almost every month.

“After the first massage about 90 percent of the time they become a regular customer,” Ms. Daniel said, emphasizing that a lot of people don’t realize the true benefits of massage therapy until they have tried it for themselves.

“I would say to anyone who maybe hasn’t tried a massage before, that after you’re able to get over the initial discomfort of trying something new, it will be something you want to continue to do,” Ms. Daniel said. “Anyone who tries it out once will be sold.”

My Happy Place is always accepting new clients, operating Monday through Saturday by appointment only. Anyone interested in setting up an appointment can contact Jamie Daniel at (903)930-0592.

She said that massage appointments make great gifts, and My Happy Place offers reasonable prices, with an hour massage costing only $60.

“I’m very flexible, my clients usually call or text me and see when I have an opening if they are experiencing pain or want to get in a time quickly,” Ms. Daniel said.

Ms. Daniel offers a discount to teachers and local school staff members as a way to give back to those who work so hard to educate local children, offering hour massages at $45.

“There’s never anything bad about a massage, even if you’re nervous,” Ms. Daniel said. “You’re always covered by a sheet. Once you experience it for the first time you’ll realize just how great it can be.”

She also offers chair events and mobile table events for businesses, along with home visits, with the goal of making the client as comfortable as possible.

My Happy Place offers spa facials and infrared sauna, along with massage therapy.

“When you leave my place I want you to have a happy mind, a happy body and a happy spirit,” Ms. Daniel said. Services and prices include: Therapeutic Massage — $1 a minute, Express spa facial — $45, Signature spa facial — $60 and Infrared Sauna — $30 per session.