While another season of "No Shave November" has come and gone, some East Texas men might still be sporting some facial hair as a combatant against the winter cold.

Hallsville business owner Kevin Slocum has a line of grooming products tailored just for men through his company Beard Joy Beard Oil that will keep facial scruff silky smooth and healthy.

Slocum, who has a luxurious "joyful" beard of his own, said each of his company's products were created with men specifically in mind.

"It started in 2012 with 'No Shave November'," Slocum said of his company's origins. "I had tried a couple of products for my beard and then I decided I could just make my own. So I got a logo and I opened Beard Joy Beard Oil in August of 2014."

Slocum's line features several oils made to condition and keep male facial hair healthy.

"I've got six different scents and the products are all natural," he said. "These are especially needed this time of year when skin can be so dry from the cold weather. Men especially are not the best about using moisturizer so this can create some flaking and beard dandruff, which is gross and nobody wants that. These oils replenish the moisture."

The six different scents even come in masculine choices like: The Hunter, The Original, The Woods, The Bay, The Café, and even one inspired by the jolly old man himself, St. Nick's.

Slocum also makes a beard balm, which offers all of the benefits of a beard oil but in a balm that allows for shaping.

He recently added a "Man Soap" to his line of products that is made specifically for cleaning men's beards and bodies.

"The soap is all natural, no chemicals and it contains shea butter, essential oils and bentonite clay," he said.

Slocum's unscented mustache wax can condition and shape any unruly mustache back into something Burt Reynolds himself would be proud of.

Slocum also offers other manly products in his line that make nice Christmas presents for any man on a holiday shopping list - and according to a recent article in Cosmo magazine, women involved with bearded men should consider aiding their men to maintain the facial locks as the beard apparently adds longevity to romantic relationships.

According to Cosmo magazine, a recent study involving 8,520 women published in the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, showed that men with beards were considered to be more suited for long-term relationships and marriages than men without facial hair.

The study concluded that men with beards "straddle the line of masculinity and femininity, and the beard essentially alters the face shape of a man."

The study says women don't like their male partners to be too masculine or too feminine so the beard represents a perfectly balanced male.

The study, which recorded 100 percent of the women preferring men with facial hair, said beards "indicate testosterone, and testosterone indicates maturity." This is another factor in bearded men making better romantic partners than their clean shaven counterparts.

Holiday shoppers can check out Slocum's online store or on Facebook to stock up on holiday gifts for the bearded man in their life.

Slocum's products can also be found on sale at The Yellow Finch in Hallsville, Texan's Barber Shop in Longview and Brookwood Barber Shop in Longview.

Prices start at $6 for the "Man Soap," and $20 each for 2 ounce tins of beard balm or 1 ounce jars of beard oil.

The "Mustache Wax" is $5 and Slocum also sells "Cup O' Joy" 100 percent premium fresh roasted coffee for $15 for each 16 ounce bag.

"Beard Joy" logo T-shirts are also available for $20 each.