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Have you found yourself some place wishing you had the ability to read your Marshall News Messenger? You realize that the paper is sitting at home while you are out and about.

What you may not realize is that as a print subscriber to the newspaper, you are also able to set up a free digital subscription that will allow you 24/7 access to newspaper content no matter where you are.

This digital subscription will allow you to open PDFs of the newspaper pages online and access stories, both at and through our free app that can be downloaded through Google Play or the Apple store on cellular devices. Additionally, when downloading the app, you can get breaking news alerts from the Messenger on your phone.

Here's how you set it up.

1) Call customer care at 903-935-2525 to make sure that your email address is on file.

2) Go to to register your email address with us.

3) Click on the activation link sent to your email address and you're officially in!

Need additional help? Feel free to call customer care at 903-935-2525 and they can help you!

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