Roger Garcia, owner of Puretone Hearing Aid Center, offers help to those who need hearing aid assistance. Puretone is now in a new location on Grand Avenue, extending their family to include Quality Insurance.

Trouble hearing? When people have poor hearing ability, they also tend to develop poor listening habits. Paying attention to difficult sounds is frustrating for them, so they will tend to shut themselves out from conversations; ultimately giving up. Although, the correct use of hearing aids can reconnect these people with family, friends, and the rest of your world.

Hearing loss typically happens to us very slowly, over a long time, so it’s easy to miss. It is more common than you might think.

The latest statistics show that over 10% of the U.S. population reports difficulty hearing. That’s more than 31 million people. As the Baby Boomer generation continues to age, that number promises to increase dramatically.

Forty-eight million Americans of all ages experience hearing loss, including one in six Baby Boomers. Hearing loss can be caused by exposure to noise, diabetes or other factors, but most often it’s simply a result of aging.

While you can’t stop aging – yet – you can treat hearing loss. The good news is that most hearing loss is mild and treatable. There is no reason to tough it out or to be left out when you could easily be getting more out of life.

With the right hearing aid treatment plan from Puretone Hearing Aid center and the correct hearing aids, you will be able to stay involved in all the activities you enjoy and live life to the fullest again.

We at Puretone Hearing Aid Center offer a Healthy Hearing Evaluation. When you come into our office, our hearing care specialists will conduct a full hearing evaluation of the outer, middle and inner ear, along with live voice and speech testing. If our specialists were to notice anything of concern, they would refer the patient to their primary care physician or an ENT. Our specialists will then explain and go over the audiogram results and if there is a hearing loss, determine the best hearing instrument to suit their hearing lifestyle.

Hearing aids have many different styles and technology levels. There are many different manufacturers of hearing aids, and we here at Puretone can fit any brand. However, we have been most impressed with, and feature GN ReSound products, www.resound.com/en-us/hearing-aids/resound- hearing-aids/quattro.

Depending upon your hearing loss, we will match the level of technology with your lifestyle. Today’s digital, programable technology features fully rechargeable hearing aids that pair with most cell phones. Not only do they enhance your cell phone usage, your hearing aids can be controlled through your cell phone for multiple listening environments. The style of hearing aids chosen really depends on the type of hearing loss and factors of the patient’s specific everyday life.

Something unique about our hearing aid practice is that we offer our patients a free hearing instrument trial to experience the way our products can enhance your everyday listening environments.

Once you are a patient of Puretone Hearing Aid Center, you are automatically enrolled with our Healthy Hearing Program. This program includes unlimited adjustments, cleanings, updated testing and any other services for the lifetime of the hearing aid.

Roger Garcia has successfully served the hearing healthcare industry for the past 39 years. Roger opened Puretone Hearing Aid Center in 2006. He is a Hearing Instrument Specialist and is a member of THAA, LSHAS and IHS. Roger was recently nominated and voted to the serve on the board of directors for the Texas Hearing Aid Association (THAA). He lives by the motto of “helping people hear ear after ear.” Helping people is what drives his desire to be in the hearing industry and to work in such an extremely rewarding profession. Roger is proud to announce he has expanded his practice and recently opened an office in the San Antonio area, partnered with his cousin, Dr. Arthur Medina, and his colleagues, Dr. J.T. Kavanagh and Dr. Sharon Acosta.

Nick Garcia’s apprenticeship began in early 2006 at Puretone, where he joined his father, Roger in the practice. He continues now as a Hearing Instrument Specialist and is a member of THAA. “Being a part of Puretone is a very rewarding experience and I really enjoy getting to help people hear better,” Nick Garcia said. Nick is married to Maggie, who is the office manager for all Puretone locations.

Roger’s youngest son, Zach, has joined Puretone and is training under his father and brother to be a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. Zach is excited to be working in the hearing health care community, especially with the quickly-evolving technology in hearing aids.

Roger’s only daughter, Julia, has chosen to follow in the family footsteps and has developed the passion for helping people hear from the many stories she has heard from her dad and brothers. She is currently enrolled at the University of North Texas to become a doctor of audiology. She is currently in her junior year.

Roger’s middle son, Kris, has recently joined the family business and is in training to become a Licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist as well. Kris is looking forward to being in the hearing care community along side the family. Roger’s wife, Shawn, is his biggest advocate. As a hearing aid wearer herself, she understands the importance of helping people hear.

“We have extended the family to include Brady Andrew owner of Quality Insurance and are now sharing facilities in a larger space to better serve our patients,” Roger said. “We invite everyone to stop by our new location at 1005 East Grand Avenue in Marshall.”

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