The IHOP restaurant located at 111 I-20 in Marshall recently reopened after store wide renovations.

Ferrari Shefki, a member of the manager team who runs the location, said that the store was closed Sept. 15 through 17, reopening partially on Wednesday.

The fully remodeled story was reopened last Thursday.

Shefki said that renovations totaled about$250,000.

“It really looks beautiful,” Shefki said, “If you’ve seen the old location you won’t even recognize it now.”

Shefki said that the store needed remodeling after the last owners failed to keep up with repairs.

The renovations were both to restore the building and beautify it.

“The store was too old, but now it is totally made over,” Shefki said.

These renovations included new ceiling tiles, new seating, repainting, new art work and a remodeled kitchen.

The store can be visited any time, since it is open 24 hours a day.