JEFFERSON — Becky Arnold is going home, but she’s leaving Taste of Caddo in the hands of Paul Keith and Darlene Davis.

“Thank you Jefferson for everything and the welcoming arms,” said Arnold. “I’m moving back home and my daughter is going back to school. It’s bittersweet but if it wasn’t in capable hands, I’d stay. I just love love love Taste of Caddo and the people here.”

Keith is a retired fireman, and fishing guide out on Caddo Lake. Davis is retiring from Jim Bartlett Fine Jewelry and together they will be operating Taste of Caddo starting Wednesday.

“We want to continue on with what they’ve started,” said Keith. “We’ll make a few changes, like we want to start serving beer and add a few things to the menu, but things like the catfish and chicken fried are staples here and nothing’s going to change on that. We just hope to add on and keep it going great.”

The hours will be changing slightly. Taste of Caddo will be closed Monday and Tuesday of this week, then their new hours will be:

Closed on Monday

Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday: Lunch and Dinner (Supper)

Friday-Saturday: Breakfast, Lunch, and Supper

Sunday: Breakfast and Lunch

Drop by on Sunday to say goodbye to Becky, Malayna, and Todd, and say ‘Hello’ to Paul and Darlene.