Last week, Louisiana Tech MBA student Ryan Walters returned with the SEVEN Networks team from a weeklong trip to the company’s office in Hangzhou, China.

Walters is a software engineering intern for SEVEN Networks, the company that developed AdClear, an ad blocker app for Android devices.

Walters and four other members of the SEVEN team in Marshall visited the SEVEN team in China to learn more about software that was built jointly by both teams.

Walters enjoyed the work and cultural experiences of the trip.

He commented, “While we were here, we focused on learning about and documenting the more advanced code that was developed by our Chinese employees," he said. "It’s cool getting to work with some of the original developers. They’re brilliant.”

He also had the opportunity to visit a molten copper museum, try foods like hot corn juice and lotus root, and explore the tiny single-room stores on back streets in Hangzhou.

The view from his hotel room displayed “a skyline with buildings that could display videos using lights all over them.”

Keyvan Shahrdar, director of operations at SEVEN Networks, praises Walters’s work ethic and coding abilities.

“When I met Ryan at an LA Tech job fair, I knew right away that he could help us take AdClear to the next level. My immediate goal was to have him join the team in Marshall," Shahrdar said. "I believe he enjoys our team and the work that we do. I plan to offer him a full-time position when he finishes his internship.”

Walters also earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from Louisiana Tech University. Shahrdar speaks very highly of all the students he has met from LA Tech. He has hired another Tech student to start a summer internship with SEVEN this June.

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