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Snow kept many businesses closed this week in Marshall.

After snow storms stuck the East Texas area beginning Sunday this week, many local businesses opted to close their doors rather than risk the elements to open up.

With road conditions steadily getting worse in the beginning of the week, only a small handful of businesses in Marshall kept their doors open to offer supplies to those in the community who were in need.

A few local restaurants opted to remain open, both due to the lack of food availability in the area, and also to help ensure that employees were able to work this week.

One of these businesses was Dairy Queen in both Marshall and Hallsville, according to area coach Taylor Young.

The Marshall Dairy Queen location did end up closing its doors 24 hours on Tuesday, when the storm hit its worst, but has remained open, at least partially, for the rest of the week.

“On Wednesday we did only remain open for half of the day, to be sure that our employees were able to leave and get home before it got dark, because of the roads,” Taylor said.

On Wednesday when Marshall was faced with a boil notice by the city, Taylor said that the restaurant was able to transition easily to purchasing bags of ice and canned drinks to continue operating as normal.

“A lot of people don’t realize the real impact that this has on the community, those of our employees who could get in really wanted to work, because they needed to,” said owner Jordan Guiles.

Susan Powell, a manager at Tractor Supply Co. in Marshall, said that the store was able to remain open throughout the entire week, at regular hours, working with a reduced staff.

“We have been working with a smaller staff, because a lot of people have not been able to get in, but managers and the few employees that could have been here every day,” she said.

Along with employees who did not want to lose a week’s worth of work, Powell said that the store sold a lot of necessities for community members throughout the week.

Food for pets and barn animals, as well as propane tanks, were the top sellers this week, according to Powell.

Other local stores such as Ihop, Jose Tequilas, Krogers and O’Reilly Auto Parts have also remained open for the majority of this week, with the large remainder of businesses closing for the week.

With weather over the weekend expected to warm back up to the 40’s and 50’s, community members can expect to go back to all of their favorite shopping places by next week.

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