Cadence Delivery, an Amazon Delivery Service Provider in Texas, recently celebrated its one year business anniversary, owned by Marshall native and retired Army veteran Philip Tatum.

The company was founded in October 2019 by Tatum who previously worked as an Operations Manager for Amazon Logistics for three years.

Tatum said that when he started his business it was just him and his delivery truck working five routes.

“For a while I was working 12 or 18 hour days and doing everything all on my own,” Tatum said.

But as the business continued to grow Tatum said that he was able to start adding additional staff.

“When the pandemic hit, a lot of people really started to rely on online delivery services, so the demand was very high,” Tatum said. “It really has been rewarding as an employer right now to hire people and to keep them on. I am excited to give them work and be part of this growing industry.”

Today, just a little over a year later, Cadence Delivery averages 60 daily routes and employs more than 100 full-time employees.

“The transition from military to civilian employment is not always easy,” said Tatum. “I was able to mesh my military experience and education with Amazon’s aggressive logistics operations and when the DSP opportunity opened up, it provided an avenue for me to pursue a long time dream of being an entrepreneur.”

Tatum grew up in Marshall, graduating from Marshall High School before he attended Texas College and The University of Houston on a baseball scholarship. He later joined the United States Army where he served for 22 years and retired as a SFC.

Tatum holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources and a Master’s in Management and Leadership.

DSP owners are responsible for the recruitment, training and developing a team of high-performing employees who operate Amazon branded vans and vehicles. Amazon has partnered with DSPs to help deliver thousands of packages to customers daily.

Tatum said that to celebrate a year in business the company hosted an employee appreciation event at The Main Event entertainment complex in Fort Worth.

Employees and their guests were treated to dinner, gifts, door prizes and unlimited gaming.

Tatum said that he wanted to do something to reward employees for their commitment to excellence during a very stressful and unprecedented time.

He also wanted to thank his mother, June S. Tatum-Caldwell, for all of her support.

Social distancing and mask guidelines were in place to protect all in attendance.