At All Cypress Veterinary Hospital Dr. Michele Lee Tanner and her staff work hard to show compassion, educate pet owners and show the best possible care for all four-legged friends.

Dr. Tanner opened her practice in January 2014 after graduating both undergrad and veterinarian school at Louisiana State University.

Since it’s extremely hard to get into veterinarian school, Tanner had researched human medicine as her backup plan and wanted to be an ER doctor if veterinary medicine did not work out.

“I love animals,” she said. Split between her home and the office, the three dogs, three cats, three horses, two birds and a multitude of fish show just how much she loves critters. Abby the hospital dog and Fred, aka Fredrick, the hospital cat round out the group. “I enjoy medicine and teaching people how to take care of their pets.”

As part of that love, Dr. Lee and her staff try to educate their clients, of the two legged variety, about how to care for their pets.

“We try to teach them what the purpose is for things, what they are paying for so they can take better care of their pets which in turn helps provide a longer life,” Dr. Lee said.

Part of that care is offering wellness packages and improved technology for diagnostics and surgery.

One specialized piece of equipment that aids All Cypress Veterinary Hospital is a ForceTriad Electrosurgical Unit which uses a combination of electricity and heat to minimize bleeding during surgery. The equipment also helps with healing time and allows a lot of surgeries to be sutureless, a process that helps pets and owners a lot.

All Cypress Veterinary Hospital is the only one in the area to use this type of technology, the next closest location being in Texarkana.

Another piece of equipment that aids the practice is a sterilizer machine that allows all items to be completely sterilized including plastics. In house diagnostics are done as well as digital radiology which produces higher quality images that are sent to a board certified radiologist when needed.

“We try to provide the best medicine at a reasonable cost,” Office Manager Sharon Lee said. “We are always going to do a little bit extra to provide the best care possible.”

As part of the process, estimates are always provided before any work is done on the pets.

“We also include extractions when needed with dental,” Dr. Lee said.

As part of education at the hospital, Dr. Lee and her staff offer a 30 percent discount on vaccination packages and annual, dental, spay and neuter appointments also include an automatic doctor’s exam included in the cost.

The hospital also offers monthly specials such as 5 percent off all weight loss products in January when pets may need to slim down from holiday treats or free Coggins with complete vaccinations in August and September for equine patients. In March, for flea and tick awareness, the hospital is offering 5 percent off all flea and tick preventatives.

All Cypress offers a 10 percent military discount on all services, every day, 10 percent off for seniors on Tuesday and Thursdays, 10 percent off dentals within 30 days of a complete annual exam and 10 percent off spay and neuter on the first Wednesday of every month. They also keep coupons on hand for all pet food that they sell.

With a puppy and kitten program, if a client gets an entire series of vaccinations for their animal, they will receive the first year of food free from All Cypress Veterinary Hospital.

“We want to teach them basic nutrition and teach them what is needed for their pets to have the best life,” Dr. Lee said.

Perhaps the highest valued part of All Cypress is compassion toward pets and their owners.

Though Dr. Lee thought that compassion was a quality that was a given across the industry, she has been corrected by her clients.

“We get compliments all the time on our compassion and that we are nice and supportive,” she said. “We are extremely compassionate toward people.”

As part of that compassion and as a way to give back to the community, the hospital is responsible for the care and food for all K9 officers in the Marshall Police Department and the Harrison County Sheriff’s Office, at no charge.

“We are happy to be able to give back to these departments,” Dr. Lee said.

With nine employees, the hospital’s busy time of the year is summer. During summer, the hospital utilizes students from ETBU and other local schools who are getting hours along with experience for certified veterinary tech programs.

Anyone wanting to check out All Cypress Veterinary Hospital is invited to stop by at their annual open house April 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be pony rides, face painting, veterinarians and vendors. Donations will also be collected for the K9 programs at both the sheriff’s office and the police department.

“Last year they were able to purchase a bulletproof vest for one of the K9s with the money collected,” Dr. Lee said.

With 2,300 clients, the hospital is in need of a second veterinarian so they will be expanding their practice in June with Dr. Paige Coody.

The hospital is open from Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Tuesdays until 7 p.m. The practice is closed for an extended lunch hour from noon to 2 p.m. on Wednesday. All Cypress Veterinary Hospital is located at 1903 Tolivar Road in Marshall.