JEFFERSON — Jefferson Salon Rouge and Spa owner Brooklynn LaFleur welcomed customers throughout the day on Friday as part of the grand opening event for her new boutique, LaFleur Couture Boutique which is housed inside her salon, Salon Rouge.

The boutique focuses on selling products to make customers feel good from the inside out.

“We feature all natural, cruelty free and organic products,” LaFleur said. “It’s all about improving your health and feeling better. We have products from all natural makeup, skin care, hair care, CBD oils for arthritis and anxiety, laundry detergent from safe and natural ingredients, along with household cleaning products, essential oils and more.”

LaFleur, who has owned Salon Rouge Spa for about eight years, began LaFleur Couture as an online business and after growing success, needed to expand to an in person store.

Adrian Johnston, owner of Sheality in Jefferson, formerly rented the space inside Salon Rouge from LaFleur but recently moved into her own downtown building, leaving LaFleur room in her salon to open LaFleur Couture Boutique.

“We have the spa, the boutique and the salon,” she said of Salon Rouge. “We offer everything from salon services, manicures and pedicures, massage therapy, LaFleur Couture Boutique and we have a nurse on staff who offers Botox, Juvederm injections and other services.”

LaFleur said the inspiration for her health conscious boutique came after her young son suffered a benign tumor and its removal.

“When he was about 10 months old, they found a 10 inch tumor on his liver and when they removed it, he flatlined and was then in a coma for about 24 hours,” she said.

In addition to her son’s health, LaFleur began noticing her own lack of feeling well a couple of years ago. She noticed her and her husband, Marion County Judge Leward LaFleur were both experiencing a lack of energy and both were having trouble sleeping.

“We just wanted to be healthier and I became more conscious of what we were eating and the chemicals that were being put into our bodies from the products we were using on our skin and hair,” she said. “As a mom, I wanted to be healthier for my son and I want to help my family be healthy also.”

After extensive research, LaFleur made the switch for her and her family to all natural, organic products which she now carries in her boutique to help other families get healthy from the inside out.

“I just wanted to be more aware of what we are putting into our bodies,” she said. “Leward and I began noticing results and clients from my online boutique are seeing results as well. I have products that help with digestion, hormone imbalances, low energy, trouble sleeping and other issues.”

With a physical boutique, LaFleur said customers can now stop by and see and check out the products in person. The can also join in the bulk orders of products LaFleur frequently makes for several customers.

LaFleur Couture Boutique is located at 318 Polk Street in downtown Jefferson and hosted special deals, drawings and goodie bags for customers on its opening day Friday.

“It’s been great today,” she said. “It has been non-stop.”

The boutique also sells Luna Scrunchies, a new product from LaFleur’s cousin Madeleine Patrick, manager of the nearby Jefferson General Store.

“I’m thrilled to have Luna Scrunchies here for our customers now,” LaFleur said.

The store also features a line of men’s natural products and products that are safe for children.

While LaFleur Couture Boutique now has a physical store, the online store is still up and running and can be found at

The boutique will be open the same hours throughout the week as Salon Rouge and the salon’s stylist Darcy will also be available on Mondays for walk in customers.