Marshall’s newest inflatable attraction, Salty’z Spot “Where All the Fun Happenz”, will host a grand opening, this Tuesday, July 30, offering families a load of indoor and outdoor play.

“Bring your family on out and see what it’s like to have a lot of unforgettable fun. From the little small folks to the big folks, everyone will have fun,” Salty’z Spot’s encouraged on its Facebook page.

“I want everybody to come out,” owner Damien Sessions said, inviting the public.

The grand opening is set for 5 p.m. at the colorful establishment at 4005 W. Pinecrest Drive.

Refreshments and the business’s signature Salty’z Splash punch will be served.

“I just want the public to be able to come in and see what we have to offer to them,” said Sessions.

Sessions said he and his team are excited to offer a one-stop fun spot of indoor games, inflatables, train rides, characters and more. They’re even more thrilled to bring back miniature golf after putt-putt golf and games closed down at City Park decades ago.

“After 20 something years, mini golf is back in Marshall,” Salty’z Facebook post announced. “Come on out and support your town.”

Wristbands will be available at the grand opening for $5 per child. The price includes access to all attractions.

Sessions said the unique aspect of Salty’z Spot is that patrons can either come there for fun or have the fun brought to them.

“We want to be able to give it out to different people that want to book it,” he said.

“Any fun (activities) we have indoors you can come to us or we can bring it to you,” he said, noting indoor activities include the miniature golf and train rides.

Additionally, Salty’z has about 12 to 15 indoor and outdoor — wet and dry — inflatables for customers’ needs. Inflatables include a “Wild West” attraction and Salty’z Lava Twist, which is a vivid volcanic-themed slide that offers a twist to an already wet and wild ride, the business’s Facebook page describes.

Sessions said the business wants to be a part of the community, and is currently working on bringing a Marshall Back the Blues inflatable in support of local law enforcement.

“The Back the Blues is going to be a slam dunk and it’s going to be designed as a 250-inch outdoor movie projector,” he said of the basketball inflatable.

“This is just half of what’s going to take place here,” said Sessions, sharing air hockey, for instance, will be offered soon.

Sessions, who also operates 903 Services, a power washing and mobile detailing business, said Salty’z Spot was birthed out of a partnership with 903 Services and Fason Tree Services.

“Ryan Fason has been a great (impact) on me and my family’s life,” said Sessions, sharing how Fason supported Sessions’ goal to have something to not only support his family of 10 children, but to also provide something positive for the community.

“He also got me started into the business industry,” said Sessions. “We’re not only business partners, but we are brothers.”


Sessions said he knew the Pinecrest location was special when he saw the vacant building in search of more office space for his 903 Services.

“I got the keys and everything and when I walked in, I said: ‘This mine,’” he recalled. “I called the landowner. He said you don’t need to do anything, get your key, start moving your stuff and go on with it. It was ‘Young man, go do your thing.’ So, from there, I started figuring out ideas.”

That’s when he thought of a place for “fun” rather than party.

“This is not a place to party,” Sessions said, stressing it’s a drug-free, safe environment. “We have fun here.”

Sessions said the plan unfolded with the simple construction of a wall.

“I started with a wall and I said I can get four desks back there and other things. I called my dad. He’s a carpenter. I said: ‘All I want to do is build a wall,’” he shared. “He was out here the next three days. We built the wall and we stood it up. From there, I said: ‘Let’s (make it) happen.’”

And they did.

“I mean I slept in here like three days after I got it. I didn’t even want to leave because I wanted to see the vision very clearly,” Sessions recounted.

After capturing his vision, he pulled his support system to help the dream become reality.

“I got all of my team members together and I said let’s rock and roll,” Sessions said. “We started slapping paint; we started building a kitchen/concession area.

“I have a whole support team here,” said Sessions. “I’m investing in the community. I want to be able to see children and families to be able to enjoy time. There’s nothing around here for it. I’m in it for the community.”

As a father, Sessions, 26, said offering family fun is something he values.

“This is a lot of teamwork. We’re a family here,” said Sessions.


Salty’z Spot plans to be the prime location, offering daily amusement for all to enjoy.

“I’m talking about seven days a week. It’s going to be a lot of fun happening over here,” said Sessions. “A lot of people can’t come out through the day; a lot of people can’t come out on the weekend, so I’m going to have a day for everybody to be able to come out and enjoy.”

Hours of operation will be seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sessions said he wants to provide patrons a comfortable atmosphere with reasonable prices.

“I want y’all to come in and be comfortable and know I’m going to come back and I’m going to spend those four dollars on a game of putt-putt,” he said, noting miniature golf will be $4 per person. “My motive is for them to come here and feel comfortable like they’re at home ... feel relaxed.”

Salty’z also plans to install TVs and arcade games soon.

“We’ll also offer families to come in and be able to rent the place out as an event venue,” said Sessions. “So you can come here and have receptions, baby showers, family reunions, birthday parties.

“We’re where the fun happens — the one-stop shop for your fun over here in Marshall,” he said.

To book a child’s event, visit Salty’z Spot’s Facebook page “Salty’z Spot Where All The Fun Happenz” or give them a call at 903-407-0774.