Rainbow Floral has been a standard in the Marshall community since 1904, operating longer than all of the members of the community have been alive.

Located at 314 E. Travis Street, Janice McCoy-Wells, owner of the store, said that she has been in charge of operations since 1996.

“It’s something that I love, and I am happy to be able to do it here,” McCoy-Wells said.

The shop offers a wide variety of unique floral designs and silk roses, something that McCoy-Well said she has an abundance of experience with before she became owner of Rainbow Floral.

During an average year she said that Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are the stores two biggest selling days, but that they remain open and sell floral arrangements throughout the year.

She said that her favorite part of her work is when a community member calls in, instead of purchasing a prearranged bouquet of flowers, which allows the staff to be creative in their choices, offering a completely unique gift every single time.

“It’s so much more fun when they call up or come in and tell us ‘These are for this person, and this is the kind of flower they like and this is what they don’t and when they let us choose the flowers we think are the prettiest,” she said.

For more information on Rainbow Floral visit the store’s website at www.rainbowfloral.com or call (903) 350-0891.

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