Square Nutrition in Marshall is the definition of a small, family-owned business, with the shop opening up in October 2019 thanks to the efforts of brother-sister team Shelby and Hunter Zeuch.

Shelby said the idea was actually her brother’s, who ran into the space that now houses the store while walking in downtown Marshall, passing out flyers for the business the two own with their mother, Yard Bird Southern Table and Market in Waskom.

“He just called me and said, ‘I found this really great space, and I want to open a tea shop, what do you think,’” Shelby said. “And of course I was like, ‘absolutely.’”

The shop is stocked with handmade shelves and counters Shelby and her mother put together themselves. She said the T-shirts, flyers and signs are also all courtesy of her father’s print shop, and that he also comes in to offer his services as a carpenter.

“We really are a family business, through and through,” she said, putting the complications of working in a small shop with her little brother all day aside.

Shelby also mentioned the work of their employee Julia, stating she is the rock of the company.

“Anything and anytime we need her, she’s there and continues to build relationships with our customers when she’s here as well with her own special personality,” she said.

The store was the first nutrition shop to open in Marshall and offers a number of herbal teas and shakes for weight loss and energy boosting, among an array of other benefits.

Shelby said she was first introduced to the products through Yard Bird and saw amazing benefits in her own life and the lives of her family.

“I was able to lose a lot of weight, and I know my mother lost weight as well,” she said. “Hunter was able to bulk up with some muscle weight as well, so we really knew they worked.”

It was this confidence in those products that allowed Shelby and Hunter to branch out and open this additional shop, she said.

The shop offers 32-ounce all natural herbal teas that Shelby said work as an energy drink replacement. Consumers are also able to add a number of additional products to their teas and shakes that have a number of benefits.

“We have collagen for your hair and nails, products for weight loss, muscle, all kinds of things,” she said.

Each month the store offers new flavors of tea, which it publishes on its business Facebook page. Square Nutrition also holds Customer Appreciation Days where it offers discounts to community members.

Additionally, every month Shelby offers a new T-shirt design representing the store, all of which they offer at their location in downtown Marshall.

Shelby said the store has received an amazing amount of support from the local community with large crowds coming out to support them on their grand opening, with many returning as loyal regular customers.

“The community has just been so amazing to us, they are so loyal and supportive,” she said. “We will have lines going down the block. It really is amazing.”

The shop is located at 312 North Washington in downtown Marshall. Anyone interested in keeping up with the location can follow the business on Facebook at www.facebook.com/squarenutritiontx/.

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