When Starr Family Home educator Rachel Driskill first moved to Marshall, she said that she was struck by the strength of community support she saw for local businesses all over downtown. To continue this time honored Marshall tradition, Driskill hosted the home’s first Food Truck Night and Pop-Up Market, to showcase the wide range of small businesses located in town.

“They were just asking me why I do this, and honestly its because ever since I got here I just love Marshall, I wanted to do something to bring the Starr Family Home in and find a way to support all of our local businesses at the same time,” Driskill said.

About 10 vendors attended the event on Friday, with participants offering a wide range of products, all of which were sold by local vendors.

All natural beauty products, stylish accessories, home décor, baked goods, art and even fully customizable flower bouquets were all available for the community to browse and enjoy during the market on Friday.

Businesses also ranged in size, with many storefronts represented as well as home run businesses and even local artists.

“We have a lot to offer here in Marshall, we have some of the most creative people, and I wanted to showcase that here,” she said.

Driskill also brought out the Starr Family Home’s historical toys, creating a children’s gaming area in the grass for families to enjoy during the event.

Emily Gonzales also performed live music during the event, entertaining the market customers with both her singing and guitar playing.

Mega Bites Sliders Co. was also on sight at the event, offering community members the option to try out one of Marshall’s food trucks as well as browse the local vendors.

“It really was great, and I hope to continue to have more events like this in the future,” Driskill said.

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