Police chief: Hallsville school year gets off to a smooth start with traffic

Traffic is seen lined up along FM 450 South in Hallsville on Monday during Hallsville ISD's first day of the 2017-18 school year.

About 168 miles of Northeast Texas highways will receive new surfaces during the summer of 2021 with a contract awarded in October by the Texas Department of Transportation.

The Texas Transportation Commission approved a bid of $7.6 million from CDM Holdings of New Boston to seal coat highways in nine counties located within the Atlanta District, including Harrison and Marion.

“Seal coat involves placing a layer of hot asphalt over the old pavement and then covering it with crushed stone,” said Buddy Williams, District Engineer in Atlanta. “This is a relatively inexpensive process that improves skid resistance and protects the existing roadway from water, which can damage the pavement structure.

“Seal coat is a fast-moving operation that protects and extends the useable life of a pavement. It only takes hours to complete and helps roads last longer between much more costly reconstruction which can disrupt traffic for months.”

The asphalt used will contain rubber from recycled tires. In addition to helping keep used tires off Texas landscapes, adding tire rubber to the asphalt improves its longevity and performance, Williams said.

In Harrison County, three highways will be resurfaced:

  • FM 134 will have 10.3 miles resurfaced from FM 1999 to U.S. 80.
  • FM 450 will have 7.8 miles resurfaced from FM 499 to U.S. 80.
  • Texas 43 will have 2.9 miles resurfaced from Loop 390 to I-20.

In Marion County, three highways will be resurfaced:

  • Texas 43 will have 4.6 miles resurfaced from Texas 49 to the Cass County Line.
  • FM 2683 will have 5.9 miles resurfaced from FM 248 to Texas 43.
  • Texas 49 will have 20.4 miles resurfaced from FM 134 to the Louisiana state line