JEFFERSON — Visitors flocked to downtown Jefferson on Saturday to grab a warm cup of Wassail during the fourth annual Jefferson Wassail Walk and to visit the Candlelight Tour of Homes.

Made in the Shade owner Angie Hudson dished out the “leaded” and “unleaded” versions of the popular Medieval Christmas drink to guests visiting her store.

“We have had a lot of return people come in today from last year’s Wassail Walk,” Hudson said Saturday. “A lot of them have come to visit Candlelight Tour of Homes but because of the Wassail Walk going on, they’ve come early to go inside the businesses downtown.”

Hudson said the Wassail Walk continues to be a hit each year because it’s a delicious way to draw in more tourism for downtown businesses.

“It just adds to the Christmas fun — it’s an incentive for them to visit the stores,” she said. “We had really nice participation this year with 20 of our businesses joining in and we have secret judges that will go by each and announce the top three Wassail Walk winners on Monday.”

The winners will be announced on Made in the Shade’s Facebook page and the Jefferson Wassail Walk Facebook page at and

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