Cases Update

Reported Harrison County COVID-19 cases. 

County Judge Chad Sims reported that over the past week Harrison County has added 70 new reported cases of COVID-19 to its count, down from last week’s new case count of 96.

This means that the county averaged only 10 new cases of the virus a day, down again from the previous week where the average was 14 a day.

However, the county did see the addition of one new COVID-19 related fatality, bringing it death toll from the virus up to 230 total.

“Most people recover well from COVID, but you never know who may respond negatively. Remember to be cautious around anyone who may have other health conditions or a weakened immune system,” Sims said, “Let’s remember the family in today’s report that has lost a loved one.”

Hospitalizations from the virus for the region went up from the previous week, with 60 percent reported, with only 50 percent reported previously.


New cases of COVID-19 continue to wane in Texas with 36,856 reported in Texas by the Coronavirus Resource Center at Johns Hopkins University in the past week.

“Vaccination remains our most important tool in the fight against severe illness and death from COVID-19,” said DSHS Commissioner Dr. John Hellerstedt. “And the new bivalent vaccines promise an even more effective and safe protection from Omicron variants, which continue to be the leading cause of COVID-19 illness in Texas and across the U.S.”

DSHS reported 2,161 lab-confirmed COVID-19 hospitalizations as of Sunday, down slightly from the previous week.

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