Gov. Greg Abbott conducted a live press conference at noon on Thursday, during which time he announced updated version of his disaster order as Texas continues to work towards reopening, while also limiting the spread of COVID-19.

The city of Marshall announced their compliance with Abbott’s new orders, which include:

1. Effective Sept. 21, all retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, manufacturing, museums, libraries, and gyms will increase from a maximum occupancy of 50 percent to 75 percent.

2. Effective immediately, all hospitals in regions with less than 15 percent COVID-19 occupancy may return to ordinary elective procedures. (The Tyler/Longview region is currently at 10.4 percent)

3 Effective Sept. 24, all nursing home facilities, assisted living facilities, state-supported living facilities, and long-term care facilities will allow visitation as long as it complies with health protocols.

The State of Texas has a mandatory closure of bars unless the bar has been reclassified as a restaurant and provides table service to seated guests.

The face mask order is still mandatory in Harrison County.

Governor Abbott encouraged residents to continue to follow the best health practices; stay home if you are sick, sanitize your hands, social distance and wear a face mask.

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