Harrison County is seeing a steady increase in COVID-19 cases with 19 new cases reported on Friday and nine recoveries.

Three new cases were reported on Thursday. County Judge Chad Sims admonished all to continue to practice safety measures to help mitigate the virus.

“Please don't become complacent,” Sims urged in his daily 4 p.m. update.

“Thirty-plus years ago state law and commonsense compelled us to make a habit of buckling our seat belts. Today, we face a different threat but one that can just as easily be addressed,” he said. “Let's make a habit of wearing masks around others especially indoors. Avoid crowded places and keeping your hands clean are also good habits.

“Let's renew our efforts to get these COVID cases under control,” he encouraged.

The county judge said of the cumulative total of 997 positive cases for the county, 35 have resulted in fatalities, 897 have been recoveries and 65 are considered active cases.


According to the latest statistics on the Department of State Health Services database, as of 3:30 p.m., Wednesday, 253 of the state’s 254 counties were reporting cases.

Approximately 7,211,046 tests had been administered across the state. A total of 815,678 COVID-19 cases have been confirmed. Of those, a total of 16,903 have resulted in death and 719,478 have recovered, for a total of 81,090 active cases.