The Texas Department of State Health Services reported five new COVID-19 cases for Harrison County and one new death on Thursday.

“Today we have five new COVID-19 cases to report, bringing our total to 228,” Harrison County Judge Chad Sims said the DSHS informed.

“One new fatality brings our total fatalities to 23,” Sims said in his daily 4 p.m. update. “Twenty-one new recoveries bring our recovered total to 60. This reduces our active case count from 162 to 145.”

The county judge expressed his dismay regarding the news of the deaths.

“I'm always disappointed to report a fatality and it hurts my heart for the family,” said Sims.

He’s happy to report, however, that of the new recoveries, today, 17 of them were in the age 60 and older range.

“This is great news that many in our older age group are overcoming the virus,” Judge Sims said. “Please continue to join me in remembering all of these affected.”


For nearby Marion County, County the DSHS reported 15 cases with nine considered recovered, leaving the county with six active cases.

Marion County Judge Leward LaFleur requested all to continue to take safety precautions as restaurants reopen up to 50 percent capacity this weekend, under Gov. Greg Abbott’s executive order.

“Please continue to follow safety protocols, be safe, be courteous, and be kind,” said LaFleur.

He asked residents to exercise some patience.

“Please be patient with other people. Even though you may not be afraid of COVID-19, people that you’re out and about with may be very afraid of it so just be courteous to one another,” he said.


According to the latest statistics on the Texas Department of State Health Services database, as of 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, 225 of the state’s 254 counties were reporting cases. That’s one up from Tuesday.

Approximately 770,241 tests had been administered across the state. Of those 25,005 were at public labs and 745,236 were at private labs.

A total of 51,323 cases have been confirmed, according to the TDSHS. Of those, a total of 1,419 have resulted in death and 30,341 have recovered, for a total of 19,664 active cases.