Harrison County’s COVID-19 recoveries are continuing to climb with seven new recoveries, for an overall total of 67 recoveries, County Judge Chad Sims reported Friday.

“Today we have two new positive cases to report bringing our total count to 230,” Sims said in his daily 4 p.m. Facebook update. “We have seven recoveries, totaling 67 recoveries.

“Removing the 23 fatalities, our current case count drops from 145 to 140,” said Sims.

Although the county is seeing some relief, the county judge urged not to celebrate prematurely.

“Our numbers are headed in the right direction but we must continue to act wisely,” Judge Sims said.

He encouraged residents to continue to follow good hygiene measures along with Centers for Disease Control recommendations to help prevent the spread of the virus.

“Please make it a habit to clean your hands frequently and wear a mask if you're out and close to others,” said Sims. “Let's keep up the personal hygiene so we can see these numbers continue to decline.”

In nearby Marion County, County Judge Leward LaFleur said he was notified by DSHS that another active case of COVID-19 has now been marked recovered. That brings Marion County’s count to five active and 10 recovered, he said.

“Please continue to pray for those affected,” said LaFleur.


According to the latest statistics on the Texas Department of State Health Services database, as of 4 p.m. Friday, 226 of the state’s 254 counties were reporting cases. That’s one up from Thursday.

Approximately 834,437 tests had been administered across the state. A total of 60,252 antibody tests had been administered, as of Thursday.

A total of 53,449 COVID-19cases have been confirmed, according to the TDSHS. Of those, a total of 1,480 have resulted in death and 32,277 have recovered, for a total of 22,068 active cases.