Leward LaFleur

JEFFERSON — Marion County Judge Leward LaFleur gave an update to residents on Monday, announcing the county still has managed to avoid its first case of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus, while counties surrounding Marion county have all had at least one confirmed case or more.

“I want to give you a little update on some, some information that’s come in the last few days,” LaFleur said on Monday during a live address with the Marion County Herald. “Some statewide statistics today: 2,877 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported in the state of Texas resulting in 38 deaths. I’d like to ask you to pray for their families. At this time, locally Smith county reports 32 cases; Upshur county, two cases, which is up one; Harrison county one; Morris county, one; Cass county has the two confirmed cases but both are now past the infectious state. So, that’s good news Marion county, as of 10 minutes past 3 p.m. today is zero confirmed cases of the COVID-19.”

LaFleur reminded restaurants that Gov. Gregg Abbott’s executive order still calls for all restaurant’s dining rooms to remain closed.

“They are for takeout and delivery services only, along with alcohol,” he said. “Please adhere to the CDC guidance. Number one, stay at home. Number two, wash your hands. Practice social distancing; sanitize surfaces often and cover your coughs.”

LaFleur then addressed COVID-19 testing in Texas.

“Some testing results in the state of Texas are taking anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days to get the results back,” he said. “Delays and relatively low numbers of tests being conducted throughout the state means we really don’t have the entire picture of what the coronavirus means in the state of Texas.”

He then reminded everyone that the situation remains very serious across the nation and globe.

“I wouldn’t be getting on here every day and talking to you about it if it wasn’t,” he said. “I want you to understand individuals are ultimately responsible for our own safety, health and well being. Texans are fiercely independent. There’s no form of government rules or regulations that can make this thing go away. So what I want to say is, in order for us to flatten the curve, we’ve got to listen to recommendations. We’ve got to wash our hands and stay at home, and social distance. Those things are the most important thing now that Texas is in its infancy, with the coronavirus. If you get on line and you look up the state of New York, or Florida, or even our neighbors in Louisiana, that’s not infancy. That’s just flat out rapid spread. Right now we are in the cusp of being able to deter this thing as much as we possibly can. The first reason being, we don’t want to overwhelm our healthcare system where we don’t have enough doctors or nurses or hospital beds to tend to the people that need to be tended to.”

He then urged folks that might become sick to first call their doctor rather than rushing to the hospital or their doctor’s office.

“If you’re having symptoms fever, shortness of breath, cough, please call your primary care physician -your primary care doctor before you go into their office, and let them know that you’re experiencing symptoms, so that they can prepare for that,” he said. “If you don’t have a primary physician or a doctor. The CHRISTUS COVID-19 hotline is -800-458-4559. Remember you can you call that number and they can talk those things over with you to see if you need to come in, or not. Not everybody that catches the coronavirus needs to be hospitalized. At this point in time right now, less than 2 percent of the cases in the state of Texas require hospitalization.”

He then urged residents to contact his office with any questions or concerns.

“Stay safe, wash your hands and please remember to pray for healthcare providers, first responders, and our nation,” he said.

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