Harrison County reported five new COVID-19 cases on Wednesday, bringing the total number of active cases to 101 for the county. Marion County also reported one new COVID-related fatality on Wednesday.

County Judge Chad Sims noted that of the cumulative total of 1,203 positive cases for the county, 35 have resulted in fatalities; and 1,067 have been recoveries. The numbers were all from laboratory confirmed coronavirus tests.

Concerning the data from rapid tests, Judge Sims reported 441 probable cases for the county, 316 probable recoveries and 125 probable active cases.

Sims previously explained that the rapid tests are accurate but not laboratory confirmed, which is why the state refers to the tests as “probable.”


Neighboring Marion County reported one new fatality on Wednesday bringing their total to 15 deaths. They currently have eight active cases.

County Judge Leward LaFleur noted that of the cumulative total of 181 positive cases for the county and 158 are considered recovered.

“These numbers are reported by Texas Department of State Health Services,” LaFleur informed.

“Please continue to observe social distancing measures and pray for those affected by the virus,” he urged.


Marshall Independent School District reported two new active cases on Wednesday and one new recovery.

The new active cases involved two at Marshall High School. The recovery was also reported from MHS.

“This gives us a total of 36 active cases in MISD, with 62 recoveries,” noted David Weaver, public information officer for MISD.

As a reminder, Weaver said both MHS and MJHS will transition to at-home virtual learning on Thursday and Friday due to an increased number of staff absences.

“All other campuses will remain on normal, in-person learning schedules,” said Weaver. “MISD will be closed next week for Thanksgiving break.”