Marshall Independent School District has averaged two active COVID-19 cases per day this week, according to district officials.

“Overall the number of MISD staff in quarantine as a result of either being a positive case or being in close contact with a positive cases has dropped from 42 on January 8 to 33 today,” MISD’s Director of Communications, David Weaver, reported Friday.

“Our overall number of students in quarantine has increased by 60 in the last seven days,” he said.

The number of active cases include one in the child nutrition department, one in LRC-SPED, two in the transportation department, five at David Crocket Elementary, one at DAEP, one at Little Mav Academy, one at Marshall Early Childhood Center, two at Marshall Early Graduation School, 26 at Marshall High School, 13 at Marshall Junior High, five at Price T. Young Elementary, seven at Sam Houston Elementary, and four at Travis.

“We are expecting a good number of recoveries and return from quarantine next week, as we still have a good number of cases and quarantines from over the Christmas holidays that have not yet returned to work or school in the first two weeks of the spring semester,” said Weaver.


In neighboring Marion County (Jefferson), County Judge Leward LaFleur reported one new COVID-19 fatality this week and 18 new active cases since last week.

County Judge Leward LaFleur reported 60 active cases Thursday. The number of active cases at the end of last week was 42. The new COVID-19 death for the county was noted Monday.

As of Friday, January 15, of the cumulative total of 257 cases for the county, 19 have resulted in fatalities and 269 are considered recoveries.

“The numbers are reported to Marion County by The State of Texas DSHS,” said LaFleur. “Marion County does not track nor does it compile this information. We report what we are given by DSHS.”

“With that being said, I try and update the public when numbers change,” he said.

The county judge urged all to continue to observe social distancing measures. He also requested continued prayer for all impacted by the virus.

“Pray for those who’ve lost loved ones,” said LaFleur. “Pray for our community.”

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