Vote 2020. Red, white, and blue voting pin in 2020 with Your Vote Counts text. 3d render.

Vote 2020. Red, white, and blue voting pin in 2020 with Your Vote Counts text. 3d render.

Robert Wood will face off against Micah Fenton for the open District 7 commissioners seat at the upcoming Nov. 3 election.

Wood is a lifelong Marshall resident and a U.S. veteran, stating that he only left Marshall during the time he served in the U.S. Army and was a student at Stephen F. Austin University.

“I have a real interest as Brenda and I raised our three children here, bought three homes and pay a considerable amount of city property tax,” Wood said.

Wood said that if he is elected to the position he would address specific issues such as the current infrastructure problems, particularly in the older areas of the city.

“Constituents have told me that older areas of Marshall have smaller water lines, thus causing less water to their areas for fire protection – this would give rise to higher insurance rates that could discourage new construction,” Wood said, adding that he would look into how debt has been incurred and what are the plans for future improvements are being made, and how they will be paid for.

He said that he is encouraged to run because of a sincere interest in the wellbeing of the city of Marshall, and was not recruited to run but rather chose to donate his time.

“At the present time, I am disturbed by some of the decisions being made by the management officials in regard to youth sporting facilities, civic organizations use of facilities and tourism, also how the hotel-motel tax (HOT funds) are allocated with much of the money collected going to salaries and debt retirement, with very little going directly to encourage tourism,” Wood said.

Wood said that he has also been looking into the work that the Newtown Neighborhood association has been doing on the first Neighborhood Revitalization plan, having grown up in the district.

He said that he is very impressed by the city’s revitalization efforts, and would like to see more communities working to utilize the plans like Newtown.

Wood is a member of the Marshall Lions Club and the Greater Marshall Area Chamber of Commerce, as well as active in his church, Summit Methodist.

Wood was the Harrison County Constable for six years before he retired three years ago, and has a wide range of experience to bring to the city commission. He currently lives with his wife Brenda.