The party had the makings of any other little girls’ birthday party ... cupcakes, balloons, unicorns and pretty pink decor. The main difference was that friends and family stayed socially distanced away from birthday girl Reagan Turner and the 6-year-old wore mask and gloves due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Turner family in Marshall decided that instead of just canceling the 6 year old’s birthday party they would invite friends, family and classmates to become part of a drive-up birthday parade.

“I got the idea from seeing it on the news,” mom Elisa Turner said. “We didn’t want Reagan to be disappointed in having to cancel the birthday party but wanted everyone, including her, to stay safe from the virus.”

Reagan was able to sit in a small lawn chair and watch as more than 15 cars pulled in front of the home. As each car stopped, the majority dropped off birthday presents and in turn, received birthday party goodies of individually packaged cupcakes, birthday party favors and candy.

The highlight for Reagan, other than her new bicycle and assorted presents mostly wrapped in pink, was seeing her teacher Linda Dawson who joined the parade.

“Reagan was very excited to see her teacher,” her mom said.

Getting to briefly play with friends and cousins while remaining socially distant was another highlight as the parade ended and birthday girl Reagan made memories that will last her a lifetime.