The final seven expressions of Jesus as he hung on the rugged cross will be remembered this Good Friday as Annye’s Prayer Garden presents its sixth annual Easter in the Garden program.

“We’ll have seven women tell the seven last words of Jesus,” coordinator Annye Fisher said, noting how women were the first to witness to Jesus’ resurrection, according to New Testament scriptures such as Luke 24:1-10. “Last year we did men doing the seven last words. I thought let’s use women because women were the ones that told the good news anyway.”

She invites the public to join the annual event, beginning at 6 p.m. Friday at her prayer garden, 1403 Grafton Street.

“There will be a lot of powerful ministers, such as May Carter and Loretta Bennett, who are going to minister to Jesus’ last spoken words before his crucifixion,” said Fisher.

Fisher, who coordinates the program with her sister, Mary Chalmers, said it gets larger with new attendees every year.

“Every time we have a different event, God sends new people to hear the good news,” she said.

The two sisters host special programs for the public twice a year in Annye’s Prayer Garden — once at Easter and the other during Christmas — as a way to give back to the community through ministry. Fisher said Friday’s narrated program will also feature ministry through song.

“It will be different songs — not just Easter songs, but some that will touch you spiritually,” said Fisher.

Fisher encourages the public to turn out for this Good Friday occasion, which leads up to Easter Sunday.

“It’s opened up to the public and we just hope that people will come to see,” Fisher said.