Sheila Clark has used her life experiences to help her accomplish a dream of releasing her first album. The album, titled “Uncertain Texas,” is produced by Kenny Lee and features nine songs — with seven of them being written by Clark about her life experiences.

Clark and her band the Caddo Kats will be celebrating the release in Marshall at the OS2 Pub on from 8 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, March 30.

“All of the songs that I have wrote have been my life,” Clark said. “It’s my story.”

“Daddy’s Mountains” is about her father who she lost to a car accident when she was 12. Her father was the music director at Memorial Baptist Church. “Grandaddy’s Farm” is about her childhood and visiting her grandparents at their 100-acre farm in Arkansas and learning to drive. The first song on the album, “Little Feather,” is written about her first granddaughter and her Native American heritage, as she is part Cherokee and part Choctaw.

“I started singing in church and was raised in church,” she said. “My dad was a music director. My granddaddy was a bass singer in a quartet up in Arkansas, so it kind of just tricked down the vocal talent.”

Clark married at 15 and was married to her husband for 36 years before he died of a heart attack in December 2014. The song “Love is So Right” was written for him.

“He got to see the video and hear the song two weeks before he passed, so it was really a blessing that he got to hear and see the video because it had some clips from our wedding in there,” Clark said.

Clark started writing songs in her 20s but never played them in public.

“I had all these things in my head that I had lived and the music just came (out) playing my guitar,” she said. “I would only play at home and write and play to my son. As my son got older and had kids of his own, I kept his kids and played to them.”

Clark met producer Kenny Lee on Facebook after he saw the video of the old version of “Uncertain Texas” she had posted. He brought her to Nashville and together they worked on the album.

“I was so excited to see the finished copy and listening to all the songs on it, it was really good.”

Clark’s album was supposed to come out in 2015, but in December of 2014 her husband passed away.

“I almost gave up my music because he was my biggest fan,” Clark said. “He went to every show. It was hard for me to sing.”

Friends and family pushed her to continue with singing, telling her that he would’ve wanted her to continue because he loved to hear her sing.

Her band the Caddo Kats back her as she tours the area. The members include Allen Fox on guitar, Terry Salyer in the drums and Steve Allen on the standup bass. “We do country, classic rock, blues, covers and originals.”

They have a busy year as they tour to promote the new album and continue to work on the next one that Clark hopes will come out in the next couple of years.