As thunderstorms and rain littered the area on Saturday, the Elysian Fields Volunteer Fire Department members settled in with a mission: to show their community that they are loved. Even the Easter Bunny was on hand to help.

“We’ve been trying to be there for our community,” Elysian Fields VFD Fire Chief Andy Engdahl said.

Since calls have slowed down since people are staying at home with social distancing requirements for the coronavirus pandemic, the fire chief and the volunteer firefighters have tried to make sure their community members know they are still there for them.

A drive-thru Easter bunny visit accomplished that on Saturday as families and kids drove through the fire station bays to receive some friendly waves, cheers and even the occasional honk. Elysian Fields ISD teachers were also on hand to wave to the students that they all dearly miss. Hand painted signs told them to all have a “Happy Easter.”

Game Warden Darrin Peeples and county deputies were there to wave to the families in a safe environment.

The fire department has been showing support for the community by performing drive-by birthday parties for children where fire apparatus are driven by neighborhoods so the children can see them. Anyone wanting to set up a birthday party “parade” can contact the Elysian Fields Volunteer Fire Department.