ETBU football coach Brian Mayper is greeted by the Marshall Lions Club as a speaker.

The Marshall Lions Club recently met and heard from ETBU football coach Brian Mayper.

Mayper has just completed his third year at ETBU and described the year as challenging and confusing. According to Mayper, coaching, recruiting and organizing can be difficult but he added that with COVID-19 was just the topping on the cake. “Just when you think you have it figured out you lose half on your line-up to the virus,” he said.

Marshall Lions also welcomed two Jefferson Lions Preston and Ellen Taylor to talk about their project to provide the jury for the “Diamond Bessie Murder Trial.”

History tells residents the murder did happen in East Texas. Some did not like the first verdict so he was tried again and found not guilty. Remember in the late 1800 hundreds women could not serve on a jury. Jefferson Lions are sharing in the profit from the project and that is how they are able to fund much of the scholarships for graduating seniors.

There were 16 lions in the den and Deputy Mack Fuller was the guest of Lion Sheriff B.J. Fletcher. Dar Westmoreland filled in as substitute Tail Twister. Several Marshall Lions volunteered to serve on the jury for the project.

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