Today is Halloween and most of us do not need a reminder especially if there are some youngsters in the house. Celebrate to benefit the kids and be sure to let them know “all is in fun”.

Daylight Saving Time ends next Sunday, so move your clocks back one hour before going to bed Saturday night. I am sure some will get to Sunday School at the wrong time, but you got to the right place the correct day. I enjoy the Standard Time set up, but we need to keep in mind we revert back to Daylight Saving Time next March 8, 2020. I know the reason for the time changes, but can’t see the advantage, even when it came about during World War II.

One of our longtime businesses is closing, Ranchland in Shreveport is closing its doors before the holidays. When I came to the Ark La Tex in 1959 as Farm Director for KWKH Radio, Thanksgiving Day in Shreveport, Louisiana, Ranchland was the first account I brought to our programs. This started a longtime family relationship with the Woodson family and ours. John Woodson and his mother (Rita) are the owners today and the closing started about a month ago. At the time I met the Woodson’s, I already had known their kin in the Greenville, Texas area “Red” Woodson, who was as state officer with the Texas Farm Bureau. The Woodson’s supported agriculture and rodeo at every level in the Ark La Tex and will be missed, however after 50 years in the Western Wear and Tack business, it is time to retire. They have reduced the prices and it is an excellent time to go by the store in Shreveport at 3025 Bert Kouns and take care of the Holidays. John and his family will stay in touch.

“Many folks are plowing water and shoveling smoke. They’re living to exist and existing to live, but they do not have a purpose for life.” Adrian Rogers

“Our five senses are incomplete without the sixth – a sense of humor.” W.A.Ward

With the completion of our Harvest Festival Livestock Show in Longview and the wrap up on the Louisiana State Fair Jr. Livestock Show in Shreveport, our focus can turn to the Holidays that November and December bring. I am ready, these two months provide so many positive opportunities to all, how could we experience the next 60 days without “joy” being a part of our daily lives…if we will it to be. I will in 2019 just as I have in the past 87 years. Let’s start each day in a positive way even if we have to “alter” our effort for the day.

Early preparation for Wonderland of Lights is taking place in downtown Marshall. I wonder if it is possible for we residents to decorate our homes and Christmas trees like we once did? Just a minute, my generation still “wants to decorate”, we just can’t get the job done anymore. Have we let our kids and their kids know of the great joy that decorated homes and businesses provides for ourselves and others? Let’s give it a try this Holiday Season.

Check your wood pile and be sure that you are not taking insects in the house and try to stack the wood off the ground. We may get a taste of colder weather this weekend, 33 degrees are predicted for tomorrow.

The Longview Arboretum has reached “above and beyond” with the hiring of Steven Chamblee as Executive Director, one of the nations most dedicated and innovative gentlemen in the business, he was in Weatherford, Texas before coming to Longview.

Saturday November 2nd the Longview Arboretum and Nature Center will have its Grand Opening from 10:00 a.m. to the noon hour, the site is 706 West Cotton Street, Longview, it would be worth your time to attend. Steven and I had a phone visit last Tuesday morning and you are going to enjoy the Arboretum in Longview and the man in charge.