Impressions of a train ride to Marshall

I am going to tell you about my trip on the train from Dallas to Marshall in hopes that Amtrak will keep the Marshall train station (with an agent). First, we went to the train station in Dallas, and we told our family there goodbye. I was excited to go to Marshall to see my grandparents. We waited on the chairs, and then they called our train.

Inside the train, kind staff members greeted us and helped us with our luggage. The seats were nice and comfortable, and the window was the perfect size. I decided to relax. The staff and passengers were so nice, and it went by so quickly I could barely believe it.

Then we went to the car for observing. We sat there for a long, pleasant time as the train traveled, and we watched the sunset.

Then we went to get a snack in the snack bar. The snacks were delicious. Then we only had about ten to fifteen minutes till we got off. That went by quickly, and soon we stood up, gathered our luggage and got off.

Then we saw our grandparents and hugged them. My grandfather asked if we heard the conductor say, “Board.” I didn’t, but it sure was fun. It happened when I was little, about 7. Know why I remember it? Because it was such a super-fun experience.

Faithful passenger

Katherine Gibson, 9, Gloucester, VA