Singer Anne Leslie Tijerina was welcomed by Lion Jimmie Van Norden and the rest of the club at their weekly meeting.

The Marshall Lions Club met Tuesday, March 3, 2020, at the Panola-Harrison meeting room, 410 East Houston and heard from singer Anne Leslie Tejerina who grew up in Marshall.

A luncheon of deep-fried catfish and all the sides was served by Catfish Express Catering.

President Robert Wood called the meeting to order and welcomed Lions with a reminder to turn off or silence cell phones. Lion Robert asked Lion James Thompson to open the meeting with prayer, followed the Pledges of Allegiance to the US and Texas flags led by Lion Tim Young. ”I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and “The Air Force Song” were sung with gusto, led by song leader Lion Dudley Swofford, and sung A Capella in the absence of Lion Stacy Bowen.

Lion Brenda Wood gave the count of the meeting in the absence of Lion Tamer Patrick Owens who was working as an election judge and welcomed all to the meeting. She said there were no guests and the count for the day in the Den is 26. The Thought for the Day is: “A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words.

Tail Twister Chris Horsley levied several fines. He told a couple of jokes that were well-received – he asked, “how much does it cost a pirate to have his ears pierced? A buck an ear.” Lion Chris brought out a bowl of Vest Pins from the estate of long-time Lion Ben Bane. He selected three to auction; one from Carthage Lions Club, one from Gilmer Lions Club and one featuring the “War on Drugs” from the 1970’s. Lion Chris reported that there were three birthdays this week – Lion Tony Glanton, Shay Thompson, spouse of Lion James Thompson and Betty Raines, spouse of Lion Harold Raines. Lion Chris appointed Lion Tim Young to lead the club in our “Happy Song” to them in any key they can reach!

President Wood asked Program Chair for March, Lion Jimmie Van Norden, to introduce the program, Anne Leslie Tejerina. Anne Leslie grew up in Marshall and sang duets with her father, Bill Monigold. They also recorded several CDs. She attended Baylor University and graduated from University of Texas Medical Branch with a degree in occupational therapy. She is married to George Tejerina and they have one daughter and a granddaughter.

Anne began her songs with one we all should know from childhood, since it’s the State Song – “Texas, Our Texas” then sang one that Lions could participate in, “Deep in the Heart of Texas!” It’s always fun to clap in that song. Anne Leslie told Lions that she has a deep love for Texas, Harrison County and Marshall, but her love for God is greater still. She sang a trilogy of sorts – “Jesus Loves Me” “Jesus Loves the Little Children” and “Praise Him, All Ye Little Children.”

Anne Leslie’s next selection, “Praise Him!” was a lead-in to “Doxology” Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Next up was “Holy, Holy, Holy” followed by a song she wrote called “Angel Party.” Her final selection was also a song she wrote about her grandmother called “Ribbons of Love.” She recalled her grandmother loved to wrap packages and decorate her home with ribbons, fondly remembered by her family and friends.

President Robert Wood presented Anne with a Lions writing pen and told her to write another song with it. He thanked her for a very delightful program. He asked Lion P. A. Almquist to dismiss with a prayer and adjourned the meeting.