Lions Club members welcome Leland Benoit supervisor for the Marshall City Court at their weekly meeting.

Marshall Lions Club met Tuesday for lunch with 14 lions in the den and five guest present.

Mary Lynn O’Neal, radio personality with KDPM 92.3 in Marshall, Shana McCann Lori Smith, a member from the Hutto Lions Club, Jerry Van Norden and Ashley Dunlap. Leland Benoit, supervisor for the Marshall City Court was introduced by Lion Stan Spence, program chairman for March.

Benoit reported that his office is responsible for the day to day operations of the city court which include the collection of fines and reporting traffic offenses to the state. Including fine collections there is also deferred adjudication and driver safety (defensive driving). With deferred adjudication, a violator may pay a little more in fines and have to honor a period of time with no traffic violations. After this, the violation will not be on the drivers record. State law dictates who can take defensive driving.

His office also includes maintaining the jail roster of people who elect to serve a traffic fine out in jail. Also through his office a person may have a pay out plan for fines, keeping a record who did not keep the agreement and maintaining the warrant system.

Leland also talked about his 26 years with the Marshall police Department from patrolman to Chief of Police. He told about the most rewarding part of his career was that of “DARE OFFICER” which was drug and tobacco education.

Even today he is responsible for an area of East Texas for eliminating the sale of tobacco products to minors, running “sting operations” to catch store employees selling to people under 21.

The officer also told about the dangers of vaping and how just about any substance can be added to vaping product to make for a better high. If it were just the manufacturers making the product but as it is there are some really unqualified and dangerous people mixing the products. There have been reports of severe illness and death from these products.

Two of the guest told that they remember when he taught DARE in high school.

Lion president Jimmie Van Norden gave Leland a Lions writing pen for doing an outstanding program. Lion Paul Martin dismissed the club with prayer.

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