Former police chief Stan Spence welcomes Highway Patrol Sergeant Gregg Greer to speak at Lions Club.

The Marshall Lions Club met March 9 and the meeting was called to order by President, Jimmie Van Norden.

Lion Dare Westmoreland, filling in for Lion Tamer Chris Horsley, welcomed Chief Deputy, Hall Reavis guest of Lion B. J. Fletcher, Sheriff of Harrison County. Lion Robert Wood introduced new Lion Rhonda Rivis. He fined some members for minor infractions and did a great job in managing a group of Lions. He reminded Lions that until we meet next week to live and love and to respect your neighbors.

The guest speaker, Sgt. Gregg Greer of the Texas Highway Patrol, was introduced by Lion Stan Spence.

Sgt. Greer began his career 27 years ago. In those early years their main duty was patrol. They have been called upon to patrol the Rio Grande River. They are available to assist other agencies as needed. They have assisted Dallas Law enforcement agencies as needed.

When the COVID-19 crises appeared they worked security at major Airports. They checked to see if those who were quarantined were abiding by the rules. In order to keep state borders secure the local DPS officers would man a check point.

When the National Capitol was invaded this year DPS was again on the scene. When the hurricane came in the fall of 2021 the DPS was called upon to assist with recovery in Southeast Texas and Louisiana.

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