The Marshall Lions Club met on Tuesday, Dec. 8, at the meeting room of Jose Tequila’s Grill and heard about Texas Oncology in Longview.

President Jimmie Van Norden called the meeting to order and welcomed Lions. She asked Lion Stacy Bowen to open the meeting with prayer.

Lion Tamer Robert Coleman welcomed Lions and guests Brad & Shana McCann, Sally McCann, guests of Lion Robert Wood, Cynthia Horsley, guest of Lion Chris Horsley and Past District Governor Nancy Van Alstine. He advised the Club that there were 18 in the Den. The Thought for the Day is: “The beautiful thing about life is, that we will never reach an age where there is nothing left to learn, see or be; it’s magical really.”

Tail Twister Lion Chris Horsley also welcomed the Club. He provided music with his new-found instrument, playing “When the Saints go Marching In” and “America, The Beautiful.” The instrument sounded like a 45 RPM record played on a 33 RPM turntable! He also recognized Lion Kent Reeves’ birthday and led the Club in singing our “Happy” song in his honor. He related a fish story about Sheriff Tom McCool when he was a Game Warden.

President Jimmie called Lion Robert Wood, Program Chair for December, to the dais to introduce his program. He introduced Charlsie Ferguson Gillcoat, RN, MSN, and ACNP-BC. She is certified as an Adult Acute Care Nurse Practioner and has a Master of Science in Nursing from The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and holds a Bachelor of Science Nursing from Texas Tech University in Lubbock. She currently works as an NP for Texas Oncology in Longview. With her was Maggie Simmons, Director of Marketing for Texas Oncology.

Before turning the program over to Charlsie, Lion Robert related a personal story about Lion Brenda and her first diagnosis with cancer. “My first thought was how in the world are we going to live in Houston to go to M. D. Anderson?” Friends began telling about their experience with Texas Oncology in Longview. Texas Oncology provides treatment and hope to more Texans than any other health-care provider, with more than 490 physicians and 210 care directory locations they use the same cancer-fighting technology and therapies found in the top cancer services in the United States.

Charlsie related, “Texas Oncology provides a full range of oncology services including chemotherapy, radiation, and testing, clinical trials, all conveniently located in the familiar settings of your community. Our practice participates in national clinical trials and our research has played a pivotal role in developing more than 95% of the latest FDA approved cancer drugs.” Continuing, she said, “Because Texas Oncology uses a team-based approach in treatment, we will work closely with you to ensure a seamless continuum of care in the most supportive setting.”

Maggie Simmons related several cancers including breast cancer and gynecological and others are genealogy- related and said they can heed a statement they use in the clinic, “You wear your genes every day!” Lots of cancers are passed down generation to generation and this can be checked out with gene testing. Texas Oncology’s on-site pharmacy has 100 different cancer-fighting drugs in stock. She also advised that most pharmacies are not able to provide this level of service. Also, Immuno-Therapy is coming out fast – Chemo-Therapy kills cells to fight cancer, Immuno-Therapy builds a base to support your normal bacteria using good cells to help the body fight cancer.

President Jimmie thanked the ladies for an informative program and Lion Robert presented them with a Lions writing pen. She asked Lion Paul Martin to close the meeting with prayer and adjourned the meeting.

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