The Marshall Lions Club met Tuesday, Oct. 13 at the meeting room of Jose Tequila’s Grill and heard stories from Father John Himes.

President Jimmie Van Norden called the meeting to order and welcomed Lions with a reminder to turn off or silence cell phones. She asked Lion P. A. Almquist to open the meeting with prayer, then appointed Lion Stephen Lane to lead the Pledges of Allegiance to the US and Texas flags. Lion Dare Westmoreland lead Lions in singing “I’ve Been Workin’ On The Railroad” and “The Marine Hymn.”

Lion Patrick Owens pitch-hit for Tamer Robert Coleman and welcomed Lions and guest Shay Thompson, wife of Lion James Thompson, to the meeting. He advised the club that there were 12 members and two guests. The Thought for the Day is: “People may doubt what you say, but they will believe what you do!”

Tail Twister Lion Chris Horsley joked with the Club and he announced to Lions that Lion Bob Graves joined the Club this month in 1978, 42 years ago! Lion Chris said October is “Vision Month” for Lions Club International. Lion Chris auctioned a “Texas” vest pin which was won by Lion Patrick Owens. The only birthday will be Lions Brenda and Robert Wood’s daughter Shana McCann. Lion James Thompson led the group in singing our “Happy Song” in her honor.

President Jimmie called on Lion Patrick Owens to introduce the speaker, Father John Himes. He was a policeman in Washington, DC and served in Korea in 1959. He left the police force to go back in the Army. While working for the police he served as an Investigator for the Auto Theft Bureau.

As a rookie assigned to a training officer and was on a walking with the training officer when there was a potential jumper on a bridge. This was his first experience with a suicide attempt. The training officer told the guy to either jump or get off the bridge. He jumped. Himes said he discovered then that a police officer should look for the need of people.

After a time, and training, he graduated to a patrol car. He stopped a car, but the tags did not belong to the car. He asked the driver to provide identification, but he gave the wrong ID, and reached back as if to get another ID, but pulled a gun and shot Himes. He said the guy was a Maryland prison escapee, and was later caught in California.

Returning to duty as a training officer, Himes went to a home for a domestic fight, and the woman had a black eye. Her husband had passed out. She sewed him up in a quilt so he couldn’t move, then “beat the daylights” out of him with a bat!

Himes related that policemen are not counselors, but need to be. Law enforcement today are terribly overworked. He said we need to let officers know we appreciate what they do.

President Jimmie Van Norden thanked Himes for an interesting program and presented him with a Lions writing pen. She asked Lion Paul Martin to close the meeting with prayer and adjourned the meeting.