From Staff Reports

The Marshall News Messenger will be launching a brand-new local advice column starting next week. Just Ask Jordan is a weekly advice column dedicated to you, whoever you may be; any questions, fears, uncertainty, relationship problems, and beyond that you seek can be obtained here!! This is a place for questions of many kinds, such as “How do I move on from a broken heart?” to “Do toddlers eat ever 15 minutes? It feels like every 15 minutes!”

If you are feeling lost or alone or maybe just need a good laugh, this is the place for you. Jordan, and you the reader, will remain completely anonymous, send in all questions with as much background to better help Jordan give advice at

To help with the anonymity please address all letters using either your initials or a substitute title such as “Sincerely, Lonely one” or “Signed, Toddler eats everything.”

Just Ask Jordan will be published in the Sunday edition.

The use of this column is not intended to replace or substitute for any professional, financial, medical, legal or other professional advice and is meant for entertainment only.