Carol Moore

Carol Moore has been teaching for 44 years, for the most part in music education. “I have had quite a tour, but its been an enjoyable one,” she said.

Carol Moore thought she was done teaching after six years.

She ended up with a 44-year teaching career — one that the Marshall ISD teacher says has turned out to be a rewarding one.

“I started in 1966 at J. H. Moore,” she recalls. “At that time, they didn’t have maternity leave so if you got pregnant you had to quit, you had to resign. In 1972, I was pregnant with my first so that meant that I had to resign. I swore I would never come back, and I gave all my stuff away because I would never teach again.”

From there, she went to work for Southwestern Bell for five years.

“The one [child] that I had resigned for was fixing to go to kindergarten,” she said. “And Southwestern Bell was a company that if you worked for them, they owned you. If they said go to Dallas this afternoon, you were on the way but when you have children, you can’t do that. She was getting ready to go to school, so I resigned there, and I had an opportunity to go Travis and so I came back in at Travis and stayed there for about 29 years. And then I retired in I think 2005. And I decided I wanted a little bit of city life, so I moved to Dallas. I stayed all of 9 months. I didn’t like the city life plus my dad got sick and that was a little too far away to see about him. So I moved back home and started subbing every day.”

Moore worked in Jefferson for a year at the middle school and then went to Caddo Parish for five years before returning to Marshall ISD. “Travis and Carver needed a music teacher. Both schools needed a music teacher, but the principals agreed that if they got one they would share. I became that one. I did three weeks at Travis and then I would go to Carver for three weeks.”

She continued to go back and forth between Travis and Carver for 2 years before working at just Carver for 2 more years.

“And then they looked at my record and they saw that my masters was in education. So someone in administration thought that I should be able to teach ELA at the junior high school. I didn’t even know what ELA was. So I got sent to the junior high school and that was a nightmare. It wasn’t so much the kids as it was me; I had not had any training. I know the language, I love the language, I love the words, but that’s not what’s going on in ELA. So I was lost and that was a very disturbing year for me. But I had a few friends, one on the left and one on the right, and they kept me propped up for the whole year.”

This year she was moved to David Crockett Elementary school and able to go back to what she has loved — teaching music to children. When all is said and done, she will have many memories from throughout the years.

“The greatest moment was when the principal and I took that presentation to Austin to present to the superintendents,” Moore said. “We got a letter of commendation for going there. That was a great moment for me to be invited to present for one thing and then to travel with the principal and do the presentation together.”

Moore said she gets great joy from seeing her former students go on to have success in the music field.

“The young man who is the assistant band director at Longview High School was one of my students,” she said. “When he came over and Longview played Marshall, to hear him announcing his band, even though he’s the assistant band director just to hear his voice and to see the Longview band and to know he had a part in it, that was a highlight too.

“Another one is Owen Robinson, to see him now, even though he’s basically percussion, he did basic piano,” she continued “Then there’s a young man, John Tatum, who works with one of the leading churches in Dallas now. To see how they have blossomed and they had their beginning in my little cubby hole, those are really highlighting moments to see those perform. It’s been good.”

Despite almost giving up on teaching for good, it’s safe to say that Moore is glad she picked it back up again.

“I have had quite a tour, but its been an enjoyable one,” she said. “Life has been good to me.”